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fabrica is a nurturing space for ceramic artists. Our studio offers a serene environment, modern equipment, and a welcoming community united by a passion for ceramics.



Our studio is designed to be flexible and easily adaptable for various art classes and workshops. We created an environment that fosters creativity and inspiration with access to natural lighting, to high-quality tools and materials as well as state of the art pottery wheels, kilns, glazing materials, and a wide range of clay types.



We’ve partnered with talented instructors to bring our community an array of specialized ceramic classes designed to accommodate both novice and experienced enthusiasts. Additionally, we provide membership packages tailored to seasoned ceramists.



We utilize both our platform to feature esteemed artists’ works alongside the creative masterpieces crafted by our members. Our commitment to art extends beyond the workshop as we’ve expanded our exhibition space throughout the entire building, utilizing staircases, walls, and even the rooftop to transform the entire structure into a dynamic artistic hub.



For specific workshops and artistic events, we have the privilege of accessing a generously proportioned outdoor rooftop area, allowing us to embrace the beauty of art in an open-air setting.