Candlestick Holders, 2023

20 $

Handbuilt Spiral Candle Holders. 10 Items Sold Separately. Available in White, Kaki and Grey.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 cm





Artist’s Studio

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Open edition


grey, khaki, white

About the Artist

Mira is the creative force behind CERAMOUR, a brand that embodies the pure fruition of Lebanese soul craftsmanship and Mediterranean breezy vibes. The whole concept emerged after she became a blessed mom of an identical set of twins, living on a pine hill overlooking the Mediterranean. Her designs are an expression of earthy organics with a twist of traditional style, seamlessly combining ceramics with olive or oak leaves and incorporating prints of traditional rattan. Just like her beloved motherland, her creations are a captivating mix of emotions and a mosaic of culture. Join her on a journey that captures the essence of Lebanon and the Mediterranean through her unique ceramics. Experience the beauty of her creations and the soulful craftsmanship behind them.