Joy, 2018

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Dimensions 100 × 110 cm

Acrylique on Canvas




Artist’s Studio



About the Artist

Born in Beirut in 1966, Nazar ventured into the world of art at an early age, he embarked through his artistic journey in search for his own identity. He was fascinated by the complexity of the human organism and inspired by its own representations in different schools, especially in pointillism and fractal art. Nazar was particularly influenced by Rothko’s audacity, Soulages’s black colors and Ryman’s variations of white. He experiments with repetition and pure forms in search for his own unique identity. The year 2010 was a turning point in the artist’s life when, after a long introspective journey, Nizar decided to sign his work “Nazar”, his birth name and his true identity. The artist finally assumed who he truly was. While the quest still continues, the artist is now translating his emotions and experience into his own voice and very personal narrative.

exhibition history

2016, Mark Hashem Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2015, Galerie Joseph Karam, Paris, France (collective exhibition)
2015, Mark Hashem Gallery, Paris, France (collective exhibition)
2014, Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Beirut, Lebanon (collective exhibition)
2014, Galerie Tanine, Beirut, Lebanon (collective exhibition)