Pink Concrete Table, 2023

250 $

Medium Sized Concrete Table.



Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 40 × 39 cm



Poured Concrete


Artist’s Studio

Rarity Classification

Open edition

About the Artist

Nayla Abi Yaghi is an interior architect with a passion transforming the raw often overlooked beauty of concrete into objects. She later expanded her skills into the realm of ceramics, where she continues to apply her keen eye for design and functionality. In 2020, Nayla took a significant step in her career by founding her brand, 400|13, which showcases a collection of both ceramic and concrete objects. Her brand is a true reflection of her love for raw textures and earthy colors, mirroring her deep connection to nature. This connection is further exemplified by the location of her workshop, nestled in the midst of a serene pine tree forest. This setting not only inspires her designs but also infuses her work with the tranquility and beauty of the natural world.