Stoneware Candle Holders, 2022

480 $

Set of 11 stoneware candle holders of variable heights, grogged black clay with semi matt white clay


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Dimensions 7,5 × 7,5 × 18 cm





Artist’s Studio



About the Artist

Marylyn Aoun is a Beirut-based artist renowned for her contemporary ceramic work, seamlessly blending functionality with artistic expression through her pieces.

Born and raised in Lebanon, her work draws inspiration from traditional aesthetics alongside the dynamic energy of her vibrant context. Marylyn’s academic background in Fine Arts has allowed her to thrive in the art world through multidisciplinary mediums, with a focus on exploring hand-crafted ceramics for it’s tactile nature; physically immersing herself in the earth between her hands.

She has come to recognize ceramics as a “material with meaning”, one which celebrates an ancient and preserved craft steeped in her — and many others’ — heritage.

Her work explores the versatile nature of the material beyond all traditional boundaries, contributing to the growing global discourse of craft and fine arts.